Focus On Frayser To Stop Youth Violence

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(Memphis) City and county leaders are taking an aggressive approach to youth violence, starting in Frayser.

A group from the faith-based community was front and center at a forum on youth violence, to talk about what they’re doing to help young people surrounded by drugs, gangs and crime.

“Mayor Luttrell and our county commissioners have given us the old fire station and we’ve turned that into a community center for the children to have a safe haven place to come,” said Pastor Michael Ellis.

The focus was Frayser.

It’s an area county and city leaders are calling “Ground Zero” for prevention and intervention efforts.

“Honestly, quit denying we know what the numbers. We know what the numbers are. We know where the arrests are being made,” said Mayor A C Wharton.

Memphis is one of six cities participating in the National Forum On Youth Violence launched by President Obama in 2010.

This week, a federal team including representatives from the Justice Department, are getting a looking at some of the programs already in place and discussing other resources the federal government hopes to bring to the community.

“I have talked to the mayor about some amazing Americorps organizations I would love to see happen here,” said Wendy Spencer, Chief Executive Officers of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

The city is also using grant money to fight blight in Frayser.