Corie’s Baby Blog: Butterflies … I Don’t Think So

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I am 5 months in, and I finally felt my little wee one move.

It is funny because when we had our ultrasound about a month ago, he was flipping, turning and would not sit still.

Thor kept asking me if I could feel him.

Visually we could see our little nugget flopping around, but I could not feel a thing.

I felt awful!

How could I not feel my own son flipping around inside my belly?

Perhaps he was still too tiny for me to feel his movements.

A few weeks ago I felt a quick slice of pain. I tossed it up to well … gas.

Last week was the mother of all mother movements.

It came out of nowhere.

Suddenly I felt seasick.

Mind you so far (knock on wood) I have been fortunate to side step the morning sickness phase of pregnancy.

Knock on more wood; this has been an uneventful pregnancy.

Other than my body expanding in places I did not know could expand.

I finally felt whatever he was doing in there.

People often say the movements are compared to butterflies in the belly.

Mine felt more like Baby H was playing soccer or swinging around on the umbilical cord.

Whatever he was doing made me feel as I was going to toss-up my breakfast.

To be honest, I was a little scared.

With this being our first baby, you can read all the books and talk to a thousand people but until it happens to you…. you honestly do not know.

Now I know.

Now I’m a bit better prepared and have an idea of what to expect.

I’m sure it will change as our due date gets closer.

I might faint when I see a tiny hand or foot push against my belly from the inside.

Thor and I laugh about that moment now, but I think the two of us will be a bit loopy when we see it for the first time for ourselves.:)

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