Clarksdale Woman Survives Savage Beating From Car Thief

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(Clarksdale, MS) To say that Shirley Gordon is "lucky to be alive" is an understatement.
"I just knew that if I was going to live...I had to fight for it. And I was praying to the lord."

The Clarksdale woman was savagely beaten by a car thief right outside her house.

Both her arms are bloody, her chest is bruised, her forehead gashed and her nose broken.

It happened Wednesday after she drove to a neighborhood convenience store.

She went to pay but didn't have her credit card and drove back home to get it,

Gordon says she was only inside for a few moments.,

"I came up and went in the house and got it and I left my car running. And I came back out and my car was gone."

Before police arrived, Gordon was shocked to see someone driving her PT Cruiser up May Street coming from the dead end,

"And this guy came up and said, 'I saw this car on the other end of the street'. And said, 'I knew it was yours, ya'll's car, so I'm bring it back to you."

Gordon offered the man a ride and as soon as she got behind the wheel he pulled her across the console and started beating her,

"I asked him why was he hurting me so bad? And he said, 'cause I wanted to."

She says the man used a large concrete brick or rock to inflict most of her injuries,

"I was praying and doing everything I knew I could do. That's why I fought him back with what I could do. I was popping him when I could."

With all her strength she managed to use her feet to honk the car's horn and alert her husband inside the house...but the suspect got away.

Shirley Gordon says she wants the man punished for what he did to her and says this incident won't stop her from living her life,

"It's hard for me, but can't let it make me a prisoner of my own home. He's not going to do that to me."

Clarksdale Police believe the suspect was caught on one of the convenience store's
security cameras.

They say he apparently followed Shirley Gordon from the store.

Gordon says during the attack.. the man took her credit card and used it twice Wednesday night to buy gas.