Manhunt For Murder Suspect Underway in Lauderdale County

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(Lauderdale County, TN) The search for a suspected killer is entering its second day in Lauderdale County.

 Several agencies are looking for Donny Lee Greenhow.

 He’s accused of shooting a couple to death in Texas.

 They say he’s now in Tennessee and local law enforcement is in hot pursuit. 

 This all started when the couple’s bodies were discovered in a town about an hour east of Dallas.

 The search for Greenhow is now going on in Lauderdale County. 

 He’s been on the run since August, but slipped up Thursday morning in Ripley, Tennessee. 

 Authorities say he stole some gas to fill up his tank there, but left his identification behind.

 When Ripley authorities ran the ID, they found out Donny Lee Greenhow was wanted for capital murder out of Texas.

 A helicopter searched in the air while local, state and federal law officers were on the ground searching an area known as Cold Creek.

 Cody Henson from Lauderdale county says, “ he picked a heck of a place to come  out herein the boon docks it will take an army to find him down here.”

 It’s fifteen thousand acres of woods, and Greenhow is considered to be armed and dangerous, possibly carrying two assault rifles..

 Authorities won’t let people who live  near the search scene onto Crutcher Lake Road.

 Children coming back from school had to be walked home by police.

 Francis Web is by herself in her bait shop.

 She says she’s locking the front and back doors to stay safe. 

 Lauderdale deputies took two men into custody Thursday afternoon because the men were driving a car with Texas plates. U.S. Marshals are questioning them. 

 A Texas sheriff tells News Channel 3 Greenhow could have come to the area because his father lives near Memphis.