Easy Steps to Prevent Parents from Leaving Kids in Cars

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(Memphis) A Nashville mother could soon face charges after leaving her child in the back of her van. 

This comes just days after the death of a 16-month-old girl in Arkansas. 

Her dad says he forgot to drop her off at day car, so she was in the car all day while he was working.

It seems everyone has an opinion on these types of stories, but Susan Helms says before you judge, know this.

"It's happened 49 times last year. It's happened 20 times this year and unfortunately, it may happen again," says Helms, who serves as the Director of Injury Prevention and Safe Kids at LeBonheur.

There are products on the market designed to alert parents when kids are left in cars.

However, a government report released just this week called most of them "unreliable."  

How can parents prevent their child from becoming the next statistic?

Helms, says one idea is to store things you need near your kids, like a purse or briefcase, "If you put those items in the back seat with your children, then you know when you get to your destination if your child's still in the child safety seat then you have forgotten to take them to child care."

Another tip, keep your cell phone in the back too.

"You can set an alarm when you're supposed to have been at the child care," adds Helms.

Helms says parents can also ask their day care to call them if they don't arrive by a certain time, "These checks and balances may seem silly, but they may save a life."