ATF, FBI Investigation Bomb Found In Germantown Car

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(Germantown, TN) Germantown Police said Tuesday the ATF, FBI and the Shelby County Sheriff's Office are investigating a bomb found in a car there.

The car was found along Farmington and Allenby Monday night.

A woman called police after she found the explosive device in a car she was cleaning.

The device has been described as pipe bomb.

The Shelby County Bomb Squad was called in, and was able to remove the device from the car safely.

Dozens in nearby condos were asked to leave, while the bomb squad investigated, but they were allowed to return before midnight.

"The kids were asleep. We had to wake them up and move them somewhere safe and brought them back in the morning when it was safe," said resident Jennifer Kisner.

GPD said the car belonged to 54-year-old Charles Brent Sutton.

Police said Sutton took his own life last month, after a stand-off with GPD involving a gun.

According to Sutton's obituary, he was a City of Memphis employee, and served in the US Air Force as a missile launch officer.

Police have not said if it was Sutton who left the bomb behind.

GPD said they did search Sutton's home last month after his suicide, but did not find explosive material.

They also say Sutton never indicated there were any explosive devices.