Jonesboro Police Share Surprising Details on Squad Car Death

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(Memphis, TN) Teresa Carter sat with us Monday night, pointing the finger at Jonesboro police for the death of her son. Police say Chavis Carter was handcuffed in the back of a squad car and somehow shot himself in the head.

“I think they killed him”, said Teresa Carter.  In an administrative summary released Friday, officers said Carter was not handcuffed in the back of the car, at first. Then was taken out, handcuffed, and searched.   

Monday officers said a metal thumping noise first alerted them to the shooting. Now they are saying a smell, maybe gunsmoke alerted them and they found carter slumped over.

“Even the police chief says this defies logic”, said Otis Sanford. Various media outlets across the country are telling the story of Chavis Carter some even comparing his story to Florida teen Trayvon Martin. 

It's been enough for the police chief to ask the FBI to supervise their work on the case.