Sharp Rise In Violence In Clarksdale, MS

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(Clarksdale, MS) Velencia Pittman says she's tired of the kind of violence that's left her Clarksdale, MS home riddled with bullet holes, “It's day and night. You don't hear nothing but gunshots. All day, all night.”

Pittman told us it must stop, "I got grandbabies and I'm fixin to move from right here cause I can't afford to lose one of my grandkids for some dumb stuff they doin out here in the streets."

There has been a spike in shootings in Clarksdale during the past two months.

In-fact, four homes were hit in one 24-hour period.

 No one was injured and Michael Willis says that's a miracle, “Cause you know innocent people can get shot."

One man, who didn't want to be identified, said Clarksdale has become a war zone, "I mean it sounds around here just like Iraq man."

A few miles away, on the city's west side, Janelle Mahone walks her dog, “They doin it over money, doin it over drugs, doin it over family members cause they don't like each other.”

Michele Brehil pointed out a bullet hole on her uncle's house.

She worries about gunfire and theft in the neighborhood.

She told us the trouble typically starts after sundown, "All of the sudden you hear tires squealing and gunshots. You know, family member's houses are getting hit, neighbors are getting hit."

Interim police chief Lee Jackson said there's no doubt the city has a gang and drug problem, but he's made the shootings high priority, "Our citizens are not the ones that need to be afraid right now. You're the ones that need to be afraid. Right now, you got a bulls eye on your back and we're comin to get you."