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Corie’s Baby Blog: Glider Vs. Rocker

Corie Pregnant

Middle of the night feedings should be done in style & comfort.

Even though you’re half asleep and at that precise moment probably have no idea nor care about what you’re about to sit on.

I’m sure all you’re hoping for is plush under your booty, some sort of moving motion to ease the crying little angel and a place to prop your feet up.

I’ve been online the last few days researching Gliders and Rocking Chairs.

Which one would soothe me, my newborn son and Thor when it is *his* turn to feed our wee one.

Some swivel, others rock while many are stationary.

I feel like a moving motion would be particularly helpful to all three of us.

Do you prefer a fluffy oversized armchair, a slender & sleek modern glider or the good old fashion wooden rocker?

I would love to hear your thoughts on which one worked best for you and your family.:)


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