New Help for Homeowners

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(Memphis) Just this week the, the agency that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac decided not to allow the two mortgage giants to offer debt forgiveness. 

Supporters say reducing homeowners’ principal balance attacks the real problem while critics argue it’s a handout that’s too expensive.

While that debate is likely not over, there are some recent changes to existing programs that could provide more help for homeowners.

First, Tennessee residents who are in danger of losing their home due to a medical hardship now qualify for up to $25,000 in assistance. 

Those interested should apply at

The funding comes by way of the AG’s office from the National Mortgage Settlement.  It was given to the Tennessee Housing Development Agency to administer. 

THDA officials say the application process will be similar to that of the Hardest Hit Fund, which helps homeowners on the brink of foreclosure.

Got a job, but still struggling to make payments? 

Two federal programs just recently got revamped and could offer some help. 

New rules (starting June 1) under the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP now allow for more homeowners to be included.  Click here to see if you might qualify. 

HARP, or the Home Affordable Refinance Program was also expanded.  It’s targeted toward homeowners with FHA loans that have had a hard time refinancing in the past because the value of their home decreased. 

Now, though, you don’t have to be so far underwater to qualify.  Plus, you can get your rate and the terms of your loan adjusted.