Corie’s Blog: What Is In A Name

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The biggest task other than making sure you have enough diapers, bottles, wipes and well the kitchen sink.
My husband Thor (yes his name is Thor. Not because his parents were huge comic fans. ;)
Thor was born in America but his family is from Sweden) and I have been picking apart every name we come up with.
I’m sure every parent goes through this.
You twist and pull the name to make sure it will stand up to time, name calling, being abbreviated, what the initials spell and anything else someone can come up with.
You want to give your child a strong name that he or she can take over the world with.
I mean his or her dad’s name is Thor!
You have to have a strong name to even compete with that! ;)
We’re pretty close to a name that we feel our little bundle will be proud of.
But my inner voice keeps telling me to have a top three then wait until the baby is born.
To look into his or her eyes to make sure it *really* fits.
Four more days and we’ll be able to cross off a few more names off the list! :)