Attempted Abduction in Cordova

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(Memphis) It's a crime that's rattled one Cordova neighborhood.

 “It’s like you can`t be comfortable being here,” said Resident Diamond Teraves.

 Authorities say two men, in blue jumpsuits, and in a white van tried to kidnap a little girl.

They say the ten-year-old was walking down the street when a van pulled up, the passenger jumped out, and grabbed her by the arm.

 “She screamed, she kicked, she hollered as loud as she could,” said Chip Washignton with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

 The Sheriff's Office says those screams likely saved her life.

 But the mom tells us the mask wearing man told her daughter that he would be back to get her.

The parents say they're now not letting their daughter out of their sight.

 “We really don`t have a lot to go on in this case. We do know we are looking for a white work van with two square windows,” said Washington.

 The parents believe somebody saw something.

 “I didn`t hear nothing and I really wish I did to help her,” said Teraves.

 In the meantime, a potential kidnapper could be roaming around Memphis.

 Black belt, Spencer Preziozo from the Kang Rhee Institute has some advice.

 “If you are a kid, the first thing is to make as much noise as you can,” said Preziozo

 Which is exactly what this girl did. 

But first and most important, he says children should be aware, “Children, just look around. Know your surroundings. See who is around you.”

If you do get assaulted by a stranger, jerk, kick, holler,  and get away and find people who can help you, “Now, you are not all alone .”

If you have information on this case, call the Shelby County Sheriff's Office at 901-379-7625