Family Worried About Missing Dyersburg Man

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(Dyersburg, TN) The family of a missing Dyersburg man is hoping for any news of his whereabouts.

Curtis Ray Tyler was last seen being dropped off at a mobile home park almost three weeks ago.

Now, family members are hoping a reward will bring him home.

Amanda Tyler sends a heartfelt message to her brother, 27-year old Curtis Tyler, "Everybody in our family and beyond is just so worried about you. If you are out there, please come back home to us."

Dyersburg Police say he was last seen being dropped off at Barkers Trailer Park on Highway 51.

Amanda Tyler says the last time she talked with her brother was on June 30th on a wooden swing at his grandmother's house, "He had said something about, 'he might get out.' Cause he had been staying in the house, he didn't ever just get out and go anywhere."

Amanda says later that night the man's grandmother got a disturbing phone call from Curtis, And he was saying, 'somebody is after me, can ya'll come get me, they're after me.' 

The man said he was passing a park and an underpass.

Amanda says family members then heard a female voice on the phone, "Saying, 'get his phone, get his phone. and then they heard like a noise, like either running fast or maybe fighting. And then the phone hung up again and they wasn't able to contact him after."

Curtis Tyler lived in a small building behind his grandmother's house.

Amanda admits her brother had recently spent some time in jail, but she said her brother loves his young daughter too much to just leave.

The family has put up flyers and is offering a $4,000 reward.

Judy Hutching, Curtis' grandmother, said some people are posting comments on Facebook that are hurting, not helping, "Like dumped in the river and shot in the head. A lot of things like that, that's all uncalled for. Because he does have a family that's worried about him."

Anyone with information about Curtis Tyler's whereabouts is asked to contact the Dyersburg Police Department.