Be Our Guest – 50% Off Mosquito Treatment

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Get ready to experience more fun in your back yard without the worry of pesky mosquito bites! Germantown Pest Control is offering a great deal for a mosquito free yard! Get 50% off a mosquito treatment up to 1/2 acre with Be Our Guest! CLICK HERE.

There has never been a more effective way to control mosquitoes than with Germantown Pest Control’s mosquito control systems and sprays. It’s the best solution for ridding your yard of mosquitoes at affordable prices. Germantown Pest Control’s natural-based mosquito control solutions offer safe family and pet friendly options.

Get a mosquito treatment up to ½ acre, which creates an invisible wall around your property to protect it from mosquitoes and other irritating pests for half price – that’s a $50 savings. Mosquitoes lay thousands of eggs during their lifetime, and can spread disease to both humans and pets. Squash your bug problem with this deal, and stop the mosquitoes from ruining your next outdoor picnic or pool party. Charter #182 Germantown Pest Control – Providing Service in a 100-Mile Radius from Memphis, Tennessee