Probation Officer Arrested on Embezzlement

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(Tunica County, MS  7/11/2012) Nicole Denise Brown was arrested Tuesday and booked into the Tunica County jail.

But she didn’t spend a lot of time behind bars. 

She walked out after only about 45 minutes.

She may be free for now, but our sources say, she's liable to go to prison for a very long time.

Nicole Brown worked out of an office on Tunica’s main street.

People had strong reactions as word circulated of her arrest on embezzlement charges.

”What can I say?  It’s wrong, that’s all I can say” said Katie Bell.

How much did Brown get away with?

Where did the money go?

For now, we don’t know for sure, but sources familiar with the case say she had multiple bank accounts in several different Counties across North Mississippi.

Reliable sources tell us Brown likely brought people to jail on probation violations, then contacted the families and offered to get them out of jail for a cash payment of sometimes one thousand dollars or more.

Once she had the money, she’d reportedly withdraw the probation violation and set the person free.

We’re told it could happen to the same person more than once.

”I think it’s wrong like that, taking the money then come right back and lock ‘em up again on the same ol’ charge,” said Sylvia Butler.

We’re told embezzlement among probation officers is nothing new.

It’s the reason they can’t take cash, checks or even money orders these days.

The only way to pay probation fees now is to have money wired by Western Union directly into the Department of Corrections account in Jackson.

That’s perhaps why Brown apparently came up with the arrest scheme to get cash from the families of arrested parolees.

Lax supervision from judges in the Delta may have made it possible for Brown to withdraw complaints without much notice.

So far she’s charged with three State counts, but word is, Federal prosecutors may have as many as nine other counts waiting on her.

We found the probation office locked, but folks on the streets of Tunica more than willing to share their thoughts about the arrest.

”If she wrong, yeah, she s’posed to go to jail, she’s s’posed to do time just like anybody else,” said Butler.

”You think somebody like that deserves jail time?”  “Of course. Wouldn’t you say so,” Bell remarked.

We understand further charges against her could come at any time.

So far, the Mississippi Department of Corrections has had nothing to say about Brown's arrest, or the investigation into her activities.