Trey Erwin Discusses Battle with Cancer in Recent Interview

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(MEMPHIS) Fifteen year old Trey Erwin has lost his battle with accelerated pancreatic cancer.

Trey’s story started inspiring people all over the country when his message went viral on Twitter hash tag ‘pray for trey’. That has since been replaced with ‘pray for the Erwins’ on Twitters most commonly tweeted phrase list.

Trey’s story has captivated the community and is impacting so many people his last name Erwin is trending right now on twitter as one of the most commonly tweeted phrases. The teen’s bravery and wisdom is continuing to inspire others.

When doctors gave him less than a year to live his story started a campaign of prayer in Collierville. Trey told a production crew with his church Germantown Baptist and Highpoint Church the support is overwhelming.

“The support that I’ve had from all the people has been crazy. Having the signs in the yards and the bracelets and t-shirts and little kids with lemonade stand for me. And people I don’t even know supporting me. It’s overwhelming. And it just shows me how blessed I am,” said Erwin.

But a few weeks ago Trey’s treatment stopped working. Despite the somber news Trey remained brave through his faith.

“I know I’m going to be ok. If I’m going to be ok here on Earth or in Heaven with him. That’s why I’m not worried about it as much,” said Erwin.

Trey’s story went viral on the social networking site Twitter and used the site to inspire others with tweets like “Things can change in a blink of an eye, but knowing that it is nothing that my God can't handle, takes away all unnecessary worries!”

A humble Trey says he is not an inspiration.

“I’m not inspiring anybody. I’m being used by God, and I’m just wanting all the glory to go to him and none to me,” said Erwin.