Southaven Mayor Downs Memphis

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(Biloxi,MS) It was the end of a long night of partying in the magnolia ballroom, of the Beau Rivage resort. Mayor Greg Davis’ $80,000 reception when he ended with remarks from the stage.

“If you don't want to live in or stay in the 5th deadliest city in the U.S. and you still want to see Memphis, stay in Southaven”, said Davis.

The mayor's remarks drew cheers from the crowd -- and it's the pitch sources say he gives when he sells Southaven to developers.

“I think it says more about him than it does our city” said Memphis Mayor A C Wharton. “To talk about it too much gives dignity to the source, consider the source.”

Wharton  said he didn't want to drop to Greg Davis level. He did hint at the mayor's full plate these days. An auditor showing 170-thousand dollars misspent, and an investigation into his spending practices and business deals.

“I'm not going to degrade the citizens by trying to get on a one on one, with someone who's perspective may be clouded by things going on in his or her life” said Wharton.