City of Memphis Kicks in Heat Protocol

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(Memphis) The city of Memphis has implemented in its heat emergency assistance team, following a heat advisory from the National Weather Service for the Mid-South.

Citizens are urged to escape the dangerous temperatures by going to one of the city’s cooling centers. The cooling centers include all libraries, community centers and senior centers during regular business hours.

All community centers except Skinner Center are also open on Saturday until 2p.m.

Those who do not have transportation can take MATA buses, which are expected to promote discounted fares throughout the week.

City firefighters will soon be going door to door to check on residents.

“Even though we're going to be very active, and very assertive, getting out and getting the word out, knocking on doors, we can't do that alone,” said Alvin Benson, the Memphis Fire Department director.

Everyone is encouraged to check on their friends, family members and neighbors, especially those who live alone.

People can stay cool by going to the cooling centers, or to the community pools.

“If you don't have a swimming pass, we will allow that to happen very expeditiously, so you know, maybe the young people can actually splash,” Benson said.

MLGW is now implementing its reconnection program. Any customer, no matter how much he or she owes, can pay $250 plus the reconnection fee to re-establish service. The customer then has to enroll in a deferred payment plan for at most five months to pay off the remaining balance.

MLGW will restore service for those customers for at least 15 days.

If you have questions about any of these policies or need help from the city, please call (901) 576-6500.