Tobacco Stolen From Warehouse

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(Forrest City, AR)   Barbara Lynch is pretty busy selling smokes at a Forrest City tobacco shop. It's the need to light up that she says fuels the big demand for people to sell tobacco cheaply on the street.

“You have different people, you don't know who come up to you, you want to buy such and such” said Lynch.

It's what police think these men had planned for the $10,000 worth of Black and Mild and Swisher Sweet brand cigars.

Danisho Willis and Hughey Brooks Jr. worked at Forrest City Grocery where the cigars are kept before they're delivered to stores.  Apparently they were seen on camera carrying boxes of cigars out to this smoking area and tossing them over the fence.

“There were some good camera equipment set up and why they didn`t think they were being watched is beyond me” said E.P. Reynolds, Forrest City Police Chief.

Reynolds said Brooks pulled a similar job at a local Wal-Mart. Lynch said it robs the community of much needed money. “It`s why cigarette prices are steady going up”, said Lynch.