Jailers Busted for Bringing in Contraband

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(West Memphis, AR) - Three jailers are arrested for bringing contraband into the jail they were supposed to be protecting. Antonio Tillis,35,  Joe Jimerson 30, and  Quirino Franklin, 35, were jailers at the Crittenden County jail.

The three are now accused of bringing illegal items into Crittenden County jail.

Chief Mike Callender with the Crittenden County Sheriff's office says they got a tip about two weeks ago that the jailers were bringing in things like cell phones, cigarettes, and lighters into the facility for the inmates.

Monday night they arrested the three jailers on a probably cause affidavit.

"That's disappointing," West Memphis resident Devin Brown said.

The community of Crittenden County is shocked their jailers are now on the other side of the law.

"It's wrong and bad due to the simple fact they are supposed to be there to really crack down on all that," Brown said.

Others weren't as surprised.

"I think its ridiculous. It's terrible. But its just the way things are these days. It's bad everywhere," Judy Kimble said.

For now, Tillis and Jimerson remain locked up on a $50,000 bond each.

Franklin has bonded out.

We are told the three jailers have worked in Crittenden County less than five years and will now be fired from their positions. 

Chief Calender said the three will meet with a judge in West Memphis Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. to be formally charged.