Alleged Killer’s Confession

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(Memphis)  It's not a way to live but it is all Theadora Ard has these days. From alley ways to under bridges she’s one of many women in Memphis who will tell you it's tough to find a place to lay your head at night.

"Maybe it's too hot, maybe it's too cold, maybe I'm thirsty or need a washroom” Ard said.

Maybe she could face something or someone even worse.   Police arrested Michael Mullins for murdering Gwen Jackson this month. Jackson was homeless, and slept in front of this church.  Sources close to his case say Mullins has confessed to getting high, finding homeless women, raping and murdering them.

“We need shelters where women can go after hours and be safe” said June Averyt.

Averyt helps homeless women daily.  She knew Gwen Jackson, the woman Michael Mullins is accused of killing this month but didn't know about the two others that have now reportedly come to light. A woman known as Valerie was killed in an alleyway near Church Square Park.  Another homeless woman was murdered underneath the overpass to the "M" bridge, next to the pyramid. 

"Women are not safe on the street. 80% of women in shelters according to some studies have had a sexual trauma in their past. We're talking about a group that has already been traumatized and we are not keeping safe and we should be” said Averyt.