Unified School Board Considers TPC Recommendations  

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(Memphis) The unified Memphis and Shelby County school board are meeting at the Teaching and Learning Academy to go over the nearly 180 proposals sent to them by the Transition Planning Commission.

These recommendations include closing 21 schools and letting o of about 20% of the central office staff.

But what could this mean for teacher jobs?

"When we talk about some of the positions the teachers for the most part are protected. However, when we talk about the central office of the unified school system there have to be adjustments," said Unified School Board member Martavious Jones

The number of teachers is dependent on the number of students enrolled.  

Most cuts will be made at the central office where services are duplicated.

Like the finance department for example. 

Anne Egstrom has four children in Memphis City schools and hopes the duplicate employees can be Placed in other positions instead of laid off. 

"On paper I'm sure administratively that's an excellent way to save money but you don't want to hurt the employees who have put in so many years," said Egstrom. 

Some teachers will actually see an increase in pay. Under the Norris Todd bill Memphis and Shelby teachers must have equal pay.

Right now, Memphis teaches are paid about one percent more.

Shelby County administrators are paid an average of $15,000 more than their counter parts in Memphis.

The unified school board will level those up over the next three years.