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New Rules Governed Southaven Mayor’s Vegas Spending

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(Southaven, ,MS) News Channel 3 was there as Southaven Mayor Greg Davis spent five days at the International Shopping Center Conference in Las Vegas last month.

Southaven Alderman Ronnie Hale was also there, "With our new policies we got in place, this was really an inexpensive trip. Las Vegas was a place for the conference and Las Vegas is an expensive place to be."

The Mayor turned in receipts for his spending.

It's now a city requirement.

The most expensive part of the trip was the $987 Economy Class Delta plane ticket for the Mayor.

Once in Vegas, Davis spent $109 dollars a day for his 5 night stay at the Mandalay Bay Resort.

That $500 plus amount hasn't been submitted yet, as Davis waits for his credit card receipt.

But more eyes are taking a look.

"All travel has to be approved prior to the travel happening, which is different to how it use to be," says Hale.

The Mayor turned in his $46 a day per diem for food, totaling $276.00.

It's a far cry from previous trips where  he racked up thousands on meals listed as Tourism and Travel.

Even though city officials are now looking over Davis' shoulder, Alderman Hale admits there are still no set spending limits for the Tourism and Travel category, which can include hosting parties or paying for dinners for others if it falls under city business.

In  2009  Davis spent $7,578 at the Ruth's Chris Steak House in Biloxi, MS and labeled it Tourism.

Hale says another Biloxi convention is set for later this month.

Those big $300 dollar tips left by the Mayor are gone.

On a 154-dollar bill from Vegas he left a 30-dollar tip.  

He says the expense at Cashman Photo was a Development Prospect.  

The company tells us they are a picture taking business.

Alderman Hale says the Las Vegas trip was very beneficial and led to great contacts being made.

We tried to talk with the Mayor, but he told us he was with his family and unavailable.

State Auditors are still investigating his spending, but are no longer commenting on where things stand.