Deputies Find Live Grenade In Wardell Missouri Home

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(Wardell, MO) A live grenade found inside a man's home lands him in jail.  His home was searched after police say he fired a shot at the door of a local bar. 

When police in Wardell, Missouri searched Harold Kentner's home they found materials to make bombs and several guns.  

Kentner's neighbors say he's  normally a quiet guy.. but may have been upset after losing his job.  "Far as I know, Harold has never done anything to anybody in his life."

Harold Kentner's mother defends her son as he sits in the Pemiscot County Jail. 48-year-old Kentner is a husband and father of three, but he was arrested Saturday in Wardell Missouri.

Pemiscot County Sheriff's investigator Captain Ryan Holder, says Kentner had been drinking and reportedly fired a gun into the back door of this bar, "He revealed that he had weapons at his residence. and he had a bomb and bomb making material."
When deputies searched his home they found  a "live" hand grenade, several "mercury switches", a small amount of marijuana and several guns.

Kentner's mother didn't want her face shown, but says the grenade was a "dud" when he bought it several years ago.

But she was told by her son's wife he'd been "working" on it, "She told me that he was meddling with it and he had some bullets there. And he opened up the bullets and he poured the powder out of the bullets into the hand grenade. But it didn't ever have any kind of device to set it off, you know."

The Missouri Bomb Squad and the ATF were called to come get the grenade. Investigators say Kentner even made threats against the cotton gin where he recently lost his job, "We took precautionary measures to be at the place of business when those threats were made. And, you know, he never carried those threats out."

It's  hard for some people like Richard Johnston to believe how close they were living to a "live" grenade, "Living in a small town like this, people shouldn't be having that around here. It's kind of shocking."

Harold Kentner was in court Monday facing four felony charges, but since he didn't have an attorney no plea was entered.

He is being held in jail on a 200 thousand dollars bond and heads back to court June 25th.