More Memphis Officers being Certified in Fingerprinting

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(Memphis) He says every crime is like a puzzle waiting to be solved, and Major Mickey Williams is helping officers put the pieces together.

"The goal is to solve the crimes in the best way possible," he said.

Since he's been commander of the Memphis CSI unit, more than 600 police officers have become certified to lift fingerprints at crime scenes. This means more evidence is being collected in property crime cases, while the CSI team, who normally collects prints, can respond to more serious calls. "The homicides, the robberies, the rapes."

He says the science behind fingerprinting is simple, but the technique is proven.

"A fingerprint will tell you that somebody was there," said Major Williams. "The science is pretty strong and it's hard to refute because your fingerprint belongs to you and nobody else."

 Major Williams says those fingerprints can lead to criminals being identified, arrests being made, stolen property returned and then convictions in court.

 He says officers get certified after taking an 8 hour course. Those classes are being offered on Fridays throughout the year.