Millington Police Chief Resigns

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(Millington, TN) Millington Mayor Linda Carter announced Wednesday morning that Police Chief Ray Douglas gave her a letter of resignation Tuesday afternoon. His resignation will be effective Friday at 5pm. Douglas was not at the press conference Wednesday morning.

"We get to the point in our lives where we no longer enjoy or we decide we need to do something else,so we need to do that," said Mayor Carter. She said Douglas did not explain why he was resigning but when asked if this had anything to do with the recent investigation in a gambling and bribery ring involving the former Mayor Richard Hodges, she said no.

"This has absolutely nothingĀ  to do with that...just a request by the former chief to do what he would like to do," said Carter who did not expect the resignation.

She appointed 15 year Millington Police veteran Lt. Rita Stanbeck. Former Millington Mayor Richard Hodges was at the press conference Wednesday and voiced his opinions about Douglas who he appointed in 2009.

"I'm glad he's gone, I tried to get him gone, she's an excellent choice," said Hodges.

"Everybody knows we had our differences, you couldn't tell the hard-headed sucker what to do," added Hodges about Douglas. The two used to be friends.

Mayor Carter said "it's been excellent, we've had a good working relationship in the 4.5 months that I've been here," about Douglas but that it was time to move on.

Calls to Douglas Wednesday were not returned.