Michelle Obama Coming to Memphis

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(Memphis) - The first lady is coming to Memphis. Michelle Obama is making a campaign stop in the bluff city in about three weeks. The Obama for American campaign announced that she will host the fundraiser at Memphis' Cook Convention Center at 11:30 a.m on June 28th.

"I am excited about her coming and it's great for Memphis," Memphis native, Oona Mitchell, said.

"I think it's a great historical moment with her husband coming here prior to Booker T. Washington. I believe it's a great thing," Memphis resident, Nicholas Seaton, added.

Obama will be in town campaigning for her husband.

"She seems like a very powerful woman," Obama supporter, Theeran Chinniah, said. "I think the president is where he's at today because of her."

That popularity is one of the reasons she's crossing the country on the campaign trail, even making an appearance on David Letterman Tuesday night.

The Obama for America Campaign is hoping she'll energize crowds and bolster the president's re-election efforts.

"Shes intelligent and I'm glad she's coming to town," Chinniah said.  "I hope I get to see her."

But that will come at cost. The admission ticket to see Obama will be a $500 check.For $5,000 you can go to the reception with a photo. For $35,000 you can be an event co-chair.

"$500 is out of the reach for a lot of us, but I think she'll be a big attractor," Memphis mom Avi Vaughn said.

And Vaughn may be right. Polls show seven out of 10 Americans have favorable views of her.

Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton agrees.

"Quiet frankly she may be a better draw than the president and we're counting on that," Wharton said. Wharton hopes that she will spend part of the her time in Memphis talking about her platform, childhood obesity. A problem, he says for the city of Memphis.

"We've been labeled the most obese city's, so what better person to come in and say let's move and get in shape putting aside the political side of it," he said.

As for the political side of things, typically Shelby County votes Democrat, while the state of Tennessee generally leans Republican. However, a recent poll may explain why Obama is visiting. A new Vanderbilt University Poll. show President Obama has pulled into a virtual tie with presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney.