Memphis Police Officer Injures Self Rescuing Puppy

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(Memphis) Memphis Police say a puppy got trapped in a storm drain on Mclean Boulevard Monday night.

When somebody heard it whimpering, they called police.

That's when Officer Jackie Wells got to the scene.

Police say she tried to lower herself down to grab the puppy,  and fell 10 feet to the ground and had to be rescued herself.

"I seen a couple look over the edge and when they looked over the edge I figured someone was down there," said North Memphis Resident Lisa Apperson.  "They got the big ladder out and t I knew someone was down there.  I just didn`t know if they were alive or dead."

Officer Wells was taken to Methodist University Hospital and treated for head and ankle injuries.

 "That  was very noble of MPD," said James Rodgers, administrator of Memphis Animal Services.

The puppy is now being cared for at Memphis Animal Services.

 "The little pup is doing fine," said Rodgers.

The dog is getting food, water and all her vaccinations.

In a few days, she will likely be up for adoption.

That's all thanks to Officer Wells.

Animal Services says it will keep the dog for 72 hours to see if any owner comes forward to claim her.

If not, anyone who wants to can adopt the cute little dog.