Arkansas Traffic Stop Nets Suspected Drug Dealers From Texas

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(Craighead County, AR) A routine traffic stop in Craighead County Arkansas lands two

suspected drug dealers in the slammer.. and nets lawmen a pile of marijuana and cash.

It all went down Tuesday night on Highway 18 in Monette Arkansas.

That's about 70 miles northwest of Memphis.
"It's what they call the 'good weed'."

Craighead County law enforcement seized two pounds of hydroponic marijauna...highly

potent and highly desirable...along with 28 thousand dollars in cash from a Jonesboro


This after two accused drug traffickers from Texas tried to run from a Monette police


The two in custody are Zachary Cruz and Joseph Gonzales from San Antonio.

Tuesday night Monette Police Officer Brandon Womack pulled a  vehicle over on highway


A passerby reported passengers in the car appeared to be smoking grass.

Zachary Cruz, a suspected drug runner from San Antonio,  was the passenger.

Before Officer Womack could approach the car, his cruiser was struck in the rear.

David Bailey with the 2nd Judicial Drug Task Force, says things quickly went sour,

"That's whenever Mr. Gonzales was following in the white truck and rammed the police


Cruz fled but was captured nearby. Gonzales was arrested en route to Jonesboro.

"There was a canine alert on one of the vehicles and wrappings from what appeared to be

a large amount of marijuana were found in one of the suspect vehicles."

After questioning -- the suspects admitted to bringing a large amount of marijuana to

Jonesboro from Texas,

"Transported approximately 30 pounds of marijuana from the Texas area to Jonesboro

Arkansas, where they sold approximately 30 pounds of marijauna."

But in just two days all 30 pounds had been sold, leaving the pair 28 thousand in cash...

and a pile of pot for themselves, 

"They did have an additional two pounds that their claim was, 'for personal' use'. they had

basically sold all they were going to sell in Jonesboro."

The pair is being held in Craighead County jail on 250 thousand dollars bond each.

They face a variety of charges for drug and firearms possession and aggravated assault

on a police officer.