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Bugs Biting Hard and Early This Year

(Memphis) Stock up on the bug spray.

An extremely warm winter and spring has resulted in more bugs and bug bites.

One Midtown doctors said he's treated more people with bug bites a lot earlier this year.

Dr. J.O. Patterson is seeing everything from spider bites to mosquito bites.

Shelby County Vector Control is testing Mosquitoes daily for the West Nile Virus, but healthcare experts say that's not all you have to worry about.

They say some bug bites can become infected.

Most insect bites can be treated with a topical, over-the-counter cream, but if they get infected they may need antibiotics.

"Sometimes people scratch bites and they can get infected. In that case you need antibiotics," said Dr. J.O. Patterson, III.

Chiggers have also been worse this spring.

Dr. Patterson expects to be seeing more patients as more people start spending more time outside.

He says the best treatment is prevention.

Wear plenty of bug repellant and if you are going to be in a grassy, wooded area wear a long shirt and pants.


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