Former Elvis Crypt For Sale

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(Memphis) Flowers, notes, you name it, it's at this tomb in Forest Hills Cemetery in Memphis. It’s the original burial spot of Elvis before he was moved to Graceland.  It's been empty since 1977 and people just keep coming.

“That's the way it should be” said Carl Forsell. The Elvis fan from Nebraska says even though the tomb in empty, it’s a big part of Elvis history and should remain a place where people can come to feel connected to the King of Rock and Roll.

“It should be his burial site, shouldn't be something that's sold or bought. It should be sacred” said Forsell.

The cemetery has coped with the visitors, and left the place empty since the late 1970’s but now they've said it's time to make a business decision and sell the crypt.

“It an item that's a very important part of history. With the global appeal that Elvis has and the fan base that he has I think they just wanted to open it up to the public”, said Darren Julien, auctioneer to the stars.  Julien is the same man who brought in nearly two million dollars for Michael Jackson’s jacket worn in thriller.

“It's a conversation piece to say ‘hey I'm going to be buried where Elvis was first buried.’ It's a little bit different from most items we sold.”

Elvis fans have mixed feelings about the sale. Many feel like it's just not a place that should be sold.  If it's going to happen, some say they’d love to have it.

The crypt is set to be auctioned in Beverly Hills June 23rd.