WREG Viewers Rally Behind Mother Of Special Needs Child With No Power

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(Olive Branch, MS) Catherine Pennington is overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity people in the MidSouth have shown to her, and her special needs daughter.

“I couldn't believe it,” said Pennington. “The phone rang and rang and rang and I was missing calls and having to call people back. It was completely amazing.”

Their power was cut off Thursday morning after Pennington was unable to pay the $115.00 bill. 

Electric Power Association gave her an extra week to pay up, but couldn’t give her two.

“Wow, one week,” said Pennington. ”You guys couldn't, but I know it’s a company and I know they have policies and it takes away from the human part of life out here,” she said. “I mean, I don't fault them, because I do need to pay my bills.”

And now she can.

People paid her power bill and then some.

She now has a credit.

People also gave baby supplies, food, even offering to pay her rent. 

Also, one person anonymously gave the family $500

Pennington says this is enough to get them over the hump because Bella's dad lost his job a month ago and he started a new job Monday.

Pennington can’t work because Bella needs constant care and no daycare would chance the liability of keeping her, “That's the only reason we've been going through this, because [Bella’s dad] has always worked. He's paid the bills. We've been fine up till this point, and that's also what we're going to do to make sure it never happens again, is now he has a good job."

Pennington is grateful for all of the generosity.

She said with financial worries gone, she can now focus on Bella.

“Thank you to everybody that helped us,” said Pennington. “I am so appreciative of everything everybody did. You gave me hope again.”

Bella's breathing and feeding machines need electricity to work.

Power could have remained on had Pennington given a doctor’s note to the power company explaining Bella's need for electricity.

She has doctor’s appointment on Monday.