Digger Phelps

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Our first guest today knows something about success. In his 20 years as coaching basketball at Notre Dame, Digger Phelps took his team to the NCAA Tournament 14 times. We're talking about a man with almost 400 wins. He obviously knows how to give a pep talk and that's exactly what Digger Phelps is doing in Memphis this week. He's "coaching" Stax students on the next phase of their life. It's really a message for any college student out there.

And his interview on Prostate Cancer:

There are some controversial new medical guidelines for men that have come out this week. A government panel says men should not have routine blood tests, known as PSA screenings, for prostate cancer. They say those screenings lead to more tests and treatments that can be unnecessary and harmful. Digger Phelps is a prostate cancer survivor and has come out, very vocally, against the new guidelines.