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British Study: Today’s Women Larger Due to “Doing Less Housework”

battle of the bulge

(London, England) A story in Thursday’s London Daily Mail referenced a study from Saga which says the waists of today’s women are six inches larger than those of the 1950’s because they do less housework.

In 1952, the waist of a middle-aged woman was 28 inches, and it’s believed those women burned close to a thousand calories a day doing regular house chores.  Now, housework has become more modernized with technological advancements and the study says the average waist size is 34 inches.

Experts say the change in diets have also created the “battle of the bulge” women face today.

Another recent study noted the average pair of women’s pants is four inches bigger than they were 40 years ago.  It means women who are a size 10 now would have bought size 14 pants in 1975.

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