Arsenal Of Weapons Stolen From Memphis Home

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(Memphis) Memphis police are looking for the person(s) who stole more than forty guns from a Memphis home.

Rifles, handguns and automatic weapons were taken, including AK-47s.

At least 42 weapons were taken from the home in the Whitehaven area.

Police are not releasing the exact address, because they are protecting the victim’s identity.

“I do live in Whitehaven. And just to think that somebody is running loose, you know on the streets with that kind of artillery, he needs to be caught,” said Andrella Taylor.

Police said they were called to the home at about 11:45 Wednesday night.

Taylor questions why someone would have more than 40 guns at home, and how a burglar might have known.

“So they probably know each other,” she said. “I wouldn’t know if you had 45 guns in your house. Unless I knew you.”

Other people agree it’s a dangerous situation, because the burglar could be selling the guns anywhere.

“I hope that if anyone does know about it, that they will report it,” said Chris M. Sandridge.

Police issued a “BOLO” or “be on the lookout” alert on Thursday, but there is currently no suspect description released to the media. There is also no full description of the weapons. Police only said the firearms were of various makes and models.