President Obama’s Win In Democratic Arkansas Primary Was Tight

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(West Memphis, AR) People tired of the way the economy is going decided to vote for a Democrat running against President Obama in Arkansas' Democratic Presidential Primary. 

That candidate was John Wolfe Jr. who got 42 percent of the vote.   

He's a Chattanooga attorney who just entered the presidential race in Arkansas March 31.

While some say they voted for him just to stand up to President Obama's policies on health care and the economy, we spoke to Wolfe who says he's been campaigning in Arkansas for the last two weeks. 

"If we would have had $100,000, we could have won the election," said Wolfe. 

West Memphis City Councilman James Pulliaum, who supports Obama, said he thinks many who voted for Wolfe were Republicans trying to mess with results, but he does say some Democrats may be unhappy with the economy,

"But I always tell people that until we end the war, we will always have a deficit.” 

"I think it reflects the proper sentiment that President Obama is out of touch with the people," said Wolfe. 

Wolfe, who garnered more than 60,000 votes in Arkansas and even beat President Obama in 36 counties, said he's in it to win it.

 And while he might not win the general presidential election, the race in Arkansas may show the Obama campaign has some work to do. 

"I would say to Obama supporters when it comes to November, we got to get out and do what we got to do," said Pulliaum. 

Wolfe says he is a 1982 University of Memphis graduate. 

His next primary race is in Texas on May 29.