New Charges Against Mother of Adam Mayes

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(Hardeman County, TN) Charges against Mary Mayes have been upgraded from Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping to Especially Aggravated Kidnapping.

Mayes' attorney said she's not in a hurry to make her half million dollar bond, "Being in jail for most people is a very uncomfortable place as you know, but for the first time in 25 years, our client's resting comfortably and she's no longer in fear of her son and what he may do."

The state said their evidence shows Mary played an active role in the kidnapping by helping confine Alexandria and Kyliyah against their will. 

Teresa Mayes' sister told News Channel 3 Teresa is not mentally sound and Adam Mayes took advantage of it. 

We still don't know for sure, because the psychological portion of Teresa and Mary's hearing was postponed because the test results are not in yet. 

"There could be some additional testing to determine competency to stand trial or mental state at the time of the commission of the crime," said Hardeman County District Attorney  Mike Dunavant. 

Prosecutors say they have information that she was directly involved in the kidnapping of Alexandria and Kyliyah along with her son Adam and his wife Teresa.

Mary Mayes' attorney Terry Dycus told us she is confused and was a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Adam Mayes, "When she found out her son had killed himself her first reaction was 'are the girls ok?'" 

Teresa Mayes' attorney says she had a similar reaction.

"She's very happy that the two younger Bain girls are ok and that's really all I can say," said Shana Johnson. 

When it comes to the news of her husband's suicide Mayes is reportedly less concerned. 

"She really hasn't said much about it she was more concerned with the two young ladies," said Johnson. 

Adam Mayes killed himself as police closed in and rescued the two surviving Bain sisters.

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