9-Year-Old Walks Drunk Man Across Busy Street; Charges Filed

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman is facing charges of Child Abuse and Neglect after police claim she told her 9-year-old niece to walk an intoxicated man across a busy street.

Someone noticed the pair crossing the six lanes of traffic on Perkins Road near Interstate 240 Monday evening.

Police said they stopped to question to pair and that's when the 9-year-old told them she was told to "accompany the older intoxicated male of no relation to the store to make sure her got there safely," by her aunt.

It doesn't appear the 9-year-old was hurt in the incident.

However MPD said  when they drove the aunt, 43 year Dianna Foster's home, there was no one there.

Officers waited 45 minutes before Foster arrived.

Nieghbor's don't understand.

"That’s crazy, it doesn’t make any sense, a 9-year-old baby sitting a grown man  and he’s drunk, she should have kept him in the house," said Carl Crain.

"She shouldn’t have been walking with him period, let alone a major intersection like that," added Crain.

Foster is behind bars with a $3,000 bond.