People React to News of James Willie’s Arrest

(Panola County, MS) James Willie’s mother lives in Courtland, Mississippi.

Her son James Willie once also lived in the mobile home, but has been gone for sometime.

The woman was at a doctor’s appointment Friday and unavailable for comment on her son’s arrest.

But James Smith, a family friend, said Willie’s mother talked to her son a couple of weeks ago.

Smith said he’s at a loss about everything surrounding James Willie’s arrest on capital murder charges,

“I don’t know. It seem like something ain’t right. That’s all I can say. (Reporter: Does it seem like something he’d do?) Seems like there’s something more to it.”

A mobile home on Ballentine Road in Panola County is another place James Willie was reported to have lived.

“I’ve been keeping up with it pretty close.” says E.L. Roberson.

He says he’s been extra-cautious since the news of the two highway murders.

He’s just glad someone is behind bars, “A person like that don’t need to be out on the street doing such things as he was doing… from my point of view.”

Terry Tribble, pastor of nearby Hebron Baptist Church on Ballentine Road, says he recognized James Willie as someone who has driven by the church a few times. “I remember seeing him in an old Ford Ranger.”


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