Mississippi Voter I.D. Law Signed And Headed To Department of Justice

voter ID

(Jackson,. MS) Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed legislation today requiring voters to show photo identification at all elections.

The constitutional amendment was approved by 62% of Mississippi voters last year. 

Much like in Tennessee, those without the proper ID can  apply for a free voter ID.

“This legislation is about protecting the integrity of Mississippi’s elections,” Bryant said. “This legislation is a direct result of the majority of Mississippians expressing their desire for a constitutional voter ID requirement in the state. We want everyone to participate in the election process, and we want that process to be fair and secure.”

Because of Mississippi’s past history of racial discrimination, the state is required to get federal approval for any change in election laws or procedures from the Department of Justice.

Several other states have had to do the same and had their rules thrown out, so Mississippi worked with those states to address DOJ concerns. 

One of those is allowing college students to use their student I.D.’s to vote. 

Those without an I.D. will be allowed to cast a provisional ballot which will be counted if the voter, within five days, shows an approved I.D. to the county circuit clerk.

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