New Information In Two MS Highway Shootings

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(DeSoto County, MS) We have learned two deadly highway shootings in north Mississippi are connected.

Vehicles belonging to both drivers were found on the side of the road.

The FBI Behavioral Science Unit has been called in to help with the case.

May 8, 74-year-old Nebraska man, Tom Schlender, was shot to death while riding along Interstate 55 near Pope, MS.

Schlender was found inside his vehicle.

May 11, Lori Carswell of Hernando was dead on MS Highway 713, just north off MS Highway 3.

Carswell, who was heading home after work at the Fitz casino, was found outside her vehicle.

There is concern someone, posing as a police officer, may have pulled the two over before killing them.

Law Enforcement Press Conference from May 14: