Shooting Deaths Creating Fear on Mississippi Highways

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(Memphis) – Gary Franklin took a picture of his windshield after it was cracked by something Sunday.

“I've had a rock hit the car but nothing like this where it shatters on the inside of the car, it was like something out of a movie,” said Franklin.

It happened as they drove north up I-55, 30-miles south of Memphis.

“It was very mysterious. We didn't see any action,” said Franklin. “We didn't see anything from the road coming up, but all of the sudden the window shattered.”

Franklin's wife was thankfully wearing glasses, but had to pick small pieces of glass out of her hair and clothes. They were both startled, but okay. They had no idea what hit their car.

“At the time going through all the possibilities nothing made sense, until this story today that I saw online,” said Franklin.

Franklin is talking about the two people found dead on Mississippi Highways. One man was shot and killed as he drove down I-55 near Pope, MS on Tuesday. Then, Friday morning, a woman was found dead on Highway 713. To Franklin, it seemed too coincidental, “It sort of made sense for us, because it seemed so random and it wasn't like a rock or something like that, it just came out of nowhere.”

A Mississippi Highway Patrol investigator says the windshield doesn't appear to have been hit by bullets or a shotgun blast. Whatever it was, it was enough for Franklin to warn people to keep their eyes open while on North Mississippi Highways.

“To me it just makes you feel like life is short and you better enjoy it, because you never know when something like that is going to happen,” said Franklin.

Investigators don't believe the two homicides are connected at this point. Franklin says he took a picture of the car in front of him, just in case it turned out to be something that could help police.