Suspected Kidnapper Adam Mayes’s Facebook Photos


(Alpine, MS) The man at the center of the search for Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters is suspected kidnapper Adam Mayes.

He’s also a man the FBI describes as a close friend of the Bain family.

A look at his Facebook page may give even more insight.

On Facebook, Mayes goes by the name, Paco Rodrigass.

Mayes’ profile photos show him with the Bain girls clinging to him.

In fact, most of his Facebook pictures, show him with Jo Ann Bain’s daughters.

A close family friend said Mayes is the ex-brother in law of Jo Ann`s husband Gary.

He was the family`s handy man and baby sat the three girls.

The Bain family is also friends with Mayes on Facebook, including 8-year-old Kyliyah, 12-year-old Alexandria and 14-year-old Adrienne. Adrienne even listed Mayes on her profile as ‘Brother.’

Jo Ann Bain’s Facebook page has several pictures of her daughters, but there are no pictures of Mayes.

Gary Bain, her husband, has his Facebook page set as private.

Last month, Bain changed her hometown status on Facebook from Whiteville, Tennessee to the family’s new home city of Tucson, Arizona and her daughter, Adrienne, changed her school to one in Tucson.

But the girls and their mother were back in Tennessee when they disappeared Friday, April 27th.

Mayes is charged in Tennessee with abducting the mother and three children, but authorities aren’t sure whether Jo Ann Bain went with Mayes willingly.

Investigators say he was at the family home on the night she disappeared.

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