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Family Angry Over Death Notification

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(Memphis) Jerry Allen claims the last time he heard from his older brother Dennis Allen was before Thanksgiving, “The last time I’d seen him was in November, he called me on my birthday and we got together.”

He told us it was not uncommon to go months without hearing from his brother but when the holidays passed and he didn’t hear anything he and his six siblings grew concerned, “I got worried. So I started asking around, talking to people, some said yeah, we’ve seen him, some say no, we haven’t seen him.”

On Monday of last week, Jerry went to 201 Poplar to file a missing person’s report and was stunned by what he found, “As soon as I filed the missing person’s report, I got the hit the same day that he was dead.”

According to the Shelby County Medical Examiner’s officer, Dennis Allen’s body was found off of Broad Avenue on December 24, 2011.

The medical examiner made a positive identification and reported that Dennis died of natural causes.

They notified MPD, but according to Allen, police never notified his family.

Now Dennis is buried at the county cemetery off Ellis Road.

Jerry said his family would have liked to give his brother a proper burial.

Jerry has asked MPD why they were not notified, “What Lt. Collins said to me, we tried to get in touch with y’all, and I’m like how ?”

News Channel 3 tried to get an interview with Memphis police about the issue, however our request was never granted.

We did hear from MPD representative Karen Rudolph by email saying, “There were no records associated to the victim in order for the investigators to contact them. Regardless of how many siblings he had, there were no records on file advising of who his next-of-kin or family members were.”

Today, we knocked on doors next Dennis’ last listed address.

It took three doors and less than 5 minutes to find someone who knew him and could give us a family member’s phone number.

Jerry thinks that Memphis Police didn’t try hard enough, “We are talking about a human being and I don’t think they did right on this case. I don’t want this to happen to nobody else, I don’t want to see another family go through  this here, this hurt, I haven’t slept.”