Police Association Says Memphis Needs to Wake Up

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(Memphis) Memphis Police Association president Michael Williams is ready to fight city leaders should they pull out the knife and try to slash pay or officers during the budget process. The Association is poised to run a 30-second TV commercial calling out the city for spending money on the wrong things.

The ad says, "The City of Memphis has spent millions of dollars on nonessential programs and has billions in reserve funds, yet city is threatening to lay off emergency services to balance the budget."

"If you start talking about turning your back on police officers than you're putting your city as risk," said Williams.

There's one problem: city leaders haven't threatened to cut officers at a recent budget meeting. They said police were safe.

Councilman Lee Harris says officers aren't jumping the gun; he agrees with them. Harris says the city has spent too much on the riverfront. "It's a question of priorities for me. It's public safety, neighborhoods and parks. Those are more important than anything city government can do," said Harris. "Right now, they're safe. But you never know, anything could happen."