Memphis Grizzlies Fans Rush To Buy NBA Playoff Tickets

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(Memphis) At FedExForum, the NBA playoffs once again mean it's "Time to Grind" for the Memphis Grizzlies and their fans such as Lavonta Miller are loving it, "Yeah, I'm trying to get some good seats. I hope court side isn't sold out because last year they beat my favorite team, the San Antonio Spurs. So, they made me a believer. So, this year I hope they get further than last year."

He's not the only one who feels that way.

First round playoff tickets went on sale Tuesday and fans such as Vernon Johnson rushed to the FedExForum box office to get theirs, "We are selling out. We are selling out every game. I was here last year and the atmosphere was outrageous."

Last year's energy and excitement felt inside FedExForum during the playoffs was outrageous and even spilled over into downtown Memphis restaurants and other businesses .

Manford Benton is a Grizzlies fan. He says everyone was thrilled about the playoffs last year, "It brings money back to the city. It brings new tourists. People come in spend money. It's good for the city."

Memphis is now a city that now flies it's Grizzlies' banners high and proud as its fans have high hopes for their team grinding out wins in the NBA playoffs.

Benton said, "I believe they'll do the first round, second round and I believe they'll go all the way. I am a true Grizzlies fan."

Dates and times of home playoff games for the Grizzlies will be announced at the end of the 2011-2012 NBA regular season.