Gang Members Suspects in Attempted Downtown Robberies

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(Memphis) Two tourists visiting Memphis from Ohio claim they had an unpleasant altercation with six men who are now behind bars.

Jaramy Carmoday told us today he was walking to dinner in downtown Memphis Sunday, when he was approached by the men, "One of them came over to me and said hey, do you have anything to smoke, I sad we don’t smoke,"

He told police the six men surrounded him, asking for money, "I started to pull some change out of my pocket. One guy got close up on me and said 'no, no man I need dollar bills."

The men ran away with nothing once Carmoday's friend walked up.

According to Memphis Police, three other men reported a similar story.

According to police, the men kicked, slapped and punched the victims as they reached for money.

Delphi Neal, 19 years old and 20-year-old Terrell Adair are both facing charges of attempted robbery.

Four others, who are juveniles, are behind bars charged with three counts of attempted robbery.

According to police reports, the six were spotted wearing red articles of clothing and red bandanas.

Memphis Police think they are members of the Bloods gang.

John Jay, who was traveling with Carmoday called the attempted robbery 'bold' with the heavy police presence downtown, "They were all over the place downtown, the whole  time we were down there, we even commented  about all the bicycle cops  that were out."