Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival’s Winning Gumbo Recipe

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(Memphis) The 20th annual Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival went off without a hitch last weekend, but in a new home.  Wagner Place, between Union and Beale Streets.

The new venue didn’t stop people from coming out and enjoying the event. The Rajun Cajun Festival continues to break records — not only in attendance, but also in the amount of money raised for one of the Mid-South’s largest children’s charities, Porter-Leath.

The festival also had its annual Gumbo Cook-Off, and we now have the winning recipe.  Mel’s Angels was the big winner, and here’s how you can make their top-flight gumbo:

Click HERE for the winning recipe!

Congratulations to Mel’s Angels and their winning gumbo recipe.