Blog: What Happens When The TV Guy Forgets His TV Clothes

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(Memphis) I’ve often had people tell me they wonder if we wear pants because on TV, they usually only see us from the waist up. Well…

There I am, trying to get fit at the gym, when I realize I forgot to get my work clothes out of the car and put them into my locker.

I finished the workout and it occurs to me that I don’t remember putting my clothes in my car.

And that’s when I realized I had to be at work in thirty minutes and ready to be on TV but without a few important things like pants, a shirt and a tie.

I could go home butĀ round tripĀ it would take more than an hour, not to mention the gas I’d burn.

My first thought was to call the weather guys and ask if they at least had a shirt and tie, since I could get away with shorts as long as the camera stays tight.

Weather guys? Yep, they almost always have extra clothes due to getting stuck at the station during severe weather. Meteorologist Austen Onek checked their closet and indeed there was a shirt and a tie!

The next call was to my boss, “Umm, can I wear shorts and a shirt and tie today?” After a quick laugh, the answer was “Yes.”

I finished getting cleaned up at the gym, jumped in the car and headed to the station. As I was driving, I remembered I had a bunch of clothes in the back of my SUV that I’ve been meaning to drop off at the Memphis Union Mission.

Once I was in the parking lot at the station, I started sifting through and found a polo I could wear, along with a white dress shirt. The best news was those shirts used to not fit but now they do!

Yes, I had a few random looks as I walked through the newsroom and I went through my story several times.

When it came to my appearance in the noon news, I put on the white shirt only to realize the top button was missing. In order to make the shirt look buttoned, I had to make the tie as tight as possible. Luckily, I had a jacket at the station so that part was taken care of.

The camera shot was a little looser than I’d like but my shorts are dark enough they looked like pants and no one was the wiser.

My wife and friends have had a good laugh as have I and I realized that from now on, I will put my clothes in my car the night before.

And, just in case it ran through your mind, I did have clean shorts, socks and unmentionables in my gym bag. :)