Checkered Past of Alleged Shooter

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(Memphis) Police first arrested Thomas Rowberry, two years ago, for chaining up a 15-year old girl in his garage. back then he told police he handcuffed, blindfolded, and taped the chained girls mouth to see if she would get sexually aroused. Now,  two years later , few expected this

Thomas Rowberry walked into the parking lot at Servicemaster where his wife Debbie worked. Police say he shot and killed her before taking his own life.  Friends and neighbors tell us Debbie left him right after he was accused of chaining the teenager up in his garage and now it appears he ended things his way, robbing his two sons of both their parents.

One neighbor who didn’t want to be identified said, “I just wish the father had thought and moved on for himself and left the mother for the boys if he really cared that's what he would have done. “

Rowberry's supposed actions not just affected his family but hundreds who worked with Debbie --- or around her.  Some of them saw the scene as they arrived for work.